Look 13


Introducing our structured modern contemporary kebaya, a stunning two-piece ensemble that merges tradition and contemporary elegance seamlessly. The top and skirt boast intricate and full flower embroidery with delicate beadwork, creating a mesmerizing and opulent look that celebrates femininity and grace.

The structured silhouette of the kebaya top exudes modern sophistication, while the full flower embroidery adds a touch of timeless charm, paying homage to tradition. The intricate beadwork enhances the allure and brings a touch of sparkle to the ensemble.

Accompanied by a floor-length pencil skirt, the entire look exudes elegance and grace, ensuring you make a statement wherever you go.

*Comes with plain veil*

*Worldwide shipping*

*Virtual and physical consultation available*

*Please booked at least 3 months before your wedding date*

*For wedding on October 2023 and onwards only*

*Deposit not refundable*

*Personalized changes is available with additional charges*

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